Choose Fun!

18 March 2006


Watching TV lately, I've seen this commercial for M It's a fun trippy commercial with a mellow Donovan-esque soundtrack. Personified M are floating, probably tripping balls, in a kaleidescope swirl. Then a hand reaches down, grabs one, and devours poor little M in one bite. The M has a face, and is clearly upset by this.

Choose Fun! Even more disturbing, the version of this commercial airing in my area has replaced the tagline of "Chocolate is better in color" with "Choose Fun!" I think it's pretty obvious that the M plucked from the hippie swirl definitely did not get to choose fun. At the end, the camera pulls back and shows how we humans are like M, swirling around. Waiting to be grabbed by a creature larger than ourselves and popped down their gullet.

Fun indeed!