Lottery in NC

30 March 2006

culture north-carolina

Joy joy. North Carolina's lottery starts today. I fled Georgia, with its lottery and really enjoyed living in a lotteryless state. It was so much easier to buy some gasoline and a PayDay bar and get on with your day, before the lottery. Now, the lines will form, particularly when the stakes are high. Dozens of folks (who probably should be saving that dollar instead of giving it to the government) now will be milling around the register, trying to figure out which scratch'n'sniff lottery tickets they want with the $11 they just won from their last scratch'n'sniff ticket.

Uh, yeah, gimme 3 of the Lucky Sevens, um, 4 of the Golddigger's Delights, and 4 of the Mucho Moneys

Of course, then they stand there, trying to reserve their place in line, in case one of those 11 tickets is a winner.

The state estimates it will take in $400 million in sales during the remaining 9 months of this year. I love how they call it an "Education Lottery". Hopefully the money will be used to improve statistics classes in our local school system.