What if ninjas were pirates?

06 September 2006

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Picture 30.png Don't forget, kids, that Talk Like a Pirate Day is coming up. Mark your calendarrrr, September the 19th. Yes, pirates are getting old. The meme is passing. Come on, Disney is working on their third freaking pirate movie already, so we know pirates are jumping the shark.

Picture 31.png Some may claim that Chuck Norris is the next pirate-alike meme. I, for one, do not accept this conjecture. Chuck is merely a waypoint on the route to ninjas.

Ninjas are the next pirates. Ninjas are where it's at. Ninjas are hip. In fact, December 3rd is the Day of the Ninja. I suggest wearing ninja garb all day, particularly if you're flying or conducting business at government buildings. Everyone will get a good laugh.