Half my life ago...

13 November 2006

music pontificate sharing

Picture 5.pngThis evening, sitting around talking to Jeff and Rebecca, telling stories, the idea of "half my life ago" came up repeatedly.

We were listening to And I Feel Fine: The Best of the IRS Years 1982-1987, the collection of the best years of REM. I recalled how one particular girl in my science class mentioned she had "that Rem album" and how event that marked the beginning of the end for REM, in my mind. Until that moment, REM was the poster-child for "alternative music." With Green, they'd become simply radio stars.

I then realized that this all occurred just about half my life ago. I did about as much living before that moment as I have since it.

So I decided to burn this evening into my brain as a new half-way point. Tonight will be the night I remember when I'm 66 (in 2039), thinking about where I was half my life ago.