Boxy To Go

05 December 2006

culture opensource osx tools

Picture 11.pngBeing an OSX user, I've felt massive amounts of unlove from TiVo, in terms of the TiVoDesktop, TiVoToGo, etc. But now, man, the guys behind tivodecode have come to my rescue. While playing with it, I also discovered that the TiVo actually produces a nice XML feed, and mine at least attempts to serve up some RSS (but it ultimately fails).

tivodecode spews out MPEG-2, which QuickTime can't handle natively. You can spend $19.99 at the Apple Store to get the MPEG codec pack, or use DarwinPorts to install MPlayer, which handles MPEG-2 just fine. For free.

Bless all those opensouce geeks out there in the world. Bless each and every one of you.