Be Incomparable

31 December 2006

food marketing

chek.jpgThe other night, browsing the local Target, I came across some Archer Farms Blueberry-Pomegranate Italian Soda. My oh my, it's tasty stuff. Archer Farms is just Target's own store brand (aka "generic"). Historically, store brands have been simply cheaper knock-offs of some brand-name product. This is still quite prevalent in the cereal aisle, displaying an assortment of Wheaty Spoonfuls, Krispin' Rice, Nutty Nuggets and Apple-O's. You'd buy them to save a few bucks. Same goes with store-brand sodas, such as Dr Chek and Dr Bob.

archer.jpg Target has taken the tact of actually producing incomparable products. I look on the shelf and see a unique bottle containing, of all things, Blueberry-Pomegranate Italian Soda, I start thinking twice if I really want to pick up that case of Pepsi, or even any cola product. I don't look at the bottle, and think "well, yes, but let me get the brand-name version of Blueberry-Pomegranate soda from the Coca-Cola Corporation." I gladly spend my money on the "generic" item of something that has no mainstream equivalent.

Target has a guaranteed distribution channel. They are already considered upscale when compared to Wal-mart, which is probably selling metric tons of Sam's Choice Cola every hour to the penny-pincher. Why not innovate and try something new? Plus now, when I get the hankering for some more funky fruit soda, I have to go to Target.