More Meme

02 February 2007

marketing meme meta-meme photography

Well, after the illness suffered by Pete, I thought the mouthful of mouse meme might've been dealt a death blow. Or at least a feel-like-death blow.

Then came Karen Marcelo. She's a sneezer with a camera and a mission. She's also a cow-orker, a cool SRL person, and the dorkbot-sf poobah.

Picture 3.png

Click the image above to jump over to the live Flickr tag. Which, by the way, isn't picking up every tagged photo. Probably has to something to do with Yahoo! being pure evil, taking away the old skool login. Yeah, that must be it.

It's interesting to watch the meme morph. Some folks had to adjust for corded mice. Some tried a side-saddle mouthification. Pretty evenly split as to if the participant used a hand to support the mouse, or if it was completely supported using just the jaws.