Jobless Slacker

03 February 2007

day-job java

No Job!Well, as of this evening, I'm willfully unemployed. At least for a few days.

For about the past 18 months, I've had a kick-ass time working with the smart folkses over at Radar Networks. It was my first-ever experience in a funded startup and was certainly exciting. I watched us grow from about 3 folks to over 17 last time I checked. During this time of growth, I wore many hats and enjoyed the variety. I'll definitely keep an eye on them and hope for their continued success.

But life moves in phases, and that phase is over for me. Today I started my jobless slacker phase. Unfortunately, it is only scheduled to last until Monday morning.

Sure, some of you already know where I'm landing next, but don't spoil it for the other kids. I'll blog it up when the time is right.