04 February 2007


The Comic Relief of BeersI struggled reading Shakespeare in high-school. We'd have to read a few scenes a day, completing a work in maybe 2 to 3 weeks.

At university, though, a professor noted that a group of 20 people can somehow manage to perform something like King Lear in under 3 hours, including costume changes, dramatic emoting, and an intermission. Why the hell couldn't we read the same words in the same amount of time?

I struggled because it was Shakespeare, and Shakespeare is supposed to be a high-brow struggle to read. But this observation by this professor completely changed my viewpoint.

Everyday we make choices based upon the perceived difficulty of a task. But every day, those perceptions can and should change.

There was a time that pumping gas was considered too difficult for most people to handle, so we had gas station attendants taking care of that duty. I think most people manage to fill their own tanks these days just fine.

What other opportunities to change the "difficult" into the "easy" exist today?