Community as Mashup

11 February 2007

community technology web-20

Jeremiah_Morrow_Bridge.jpgCommunities exist independent of any actual connections between people. There's a community of people who have all bungee-jumped off the same bridge as you, even if you've never met them.

But, throw a Bridge Day, and the community becomes visible.

With online communities, this is quite evident. Some communities are purely based around the tools that support them, but many communities have no centralized place to congregate in the virtual world.

The community is happening everywhere. And luckily we have this whole web 2.0 thing happening now, with mashups and remixes. Fantastic.

Mashups allow us to go find the community, where ever it may be, and make it visible and apparent. With appropriate use of RSS,, Flickr or other services, the implicit community occurring across the net gets to have a virtual Bridge Day.