Desk Flossing

13 March 2007

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Floss! Just a quick lifehack that I've started recently, completely unintentionally.

I picked up a huge bag of DenTek Easy Angle(tm) Floss Picks ("Flossing Made Easy!") and keep them at my desk.

I previously thought I hated flossing. Now I've realized that I simply didn't like wrapping thin string around my fingers until they turned blue. The Floss Picks are nice.

The key is to use them when you're stuck on a long, mute-friendly conference call. It helps if you have a headset. Sure, you could surf the web or try to be productive, but you'll miss someone important say something even more important at just the wrong time if you let your attention wander too much. Flossing, on the other hand, is an activity that doesn't require you to take too much attention away from the call. Unlike trimming your finger and/or toe nails, flossing is a relatively quiet sport, suitable for cubicle dwellers.

I've flossed more in the past week than I had in years.

Give it a whirl. And don't forget to hit mute.