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16 March 2007

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James Governor of RedMonk had a less-than-flattering comment about how JBoss blogs.
I think part of the problem is that a lot of interesting JBoss blogging occurs at places other than blogs.jboss.com. Basically, you simply have to look further than blogs.jboss.com. For example, the JBoss Rules team blogs hellagood over at the JBoss Rules Blog. The Hibernate/Seam guys are blogging on the Hibernate Blog. Many other individual JBoss folks blog on their own personal blogs. So I don't think it's so much that JBoss bloggers are boring and corporate. Instead, I think it's more a problem of not pulling all of this interesting content back in a single easy-to-find place. Yes, indeed, I'll allow you to argue that it shouldn't require you to look so hard. I do realize that folks view blogs.jboss.com as "the voice of JBoss" but in reality, no single voice exists. A lot of the voices do use blogs.jboss.com, but many do not. My team is ultimately working to help bring all of this interesting activity into a single place. That'll make it easier to see it all. Hooray for RSS. As far as blogging about "projects" instead of "issues" goes, I don't see the two as mutually exclusive. An "issue" is ultimately just a choice that has to be made. Developers make choices all the time. He's right, we do blog a lot of announcements, which summarizes the results of choices that were made and issues that were dealt with. Perhaps we could blog more about choices before and during those critical points. Then we'd be blogging about "issues" instead of just results. It would be better to blog things as the occur, instead of after-the-fact. It would certainly help increase the community involvement. Plus, the blog would read as more of a narrative. And everyone likes a good story. Particularly if it has drama, anguish, hope, crisis and resolution. Like a day in a developer's life, ultimately.