Silent Paint Remover

05 April 2007

technology tools

Picture 28.pngToday, the Man In Brown showed up, and dropped off some boxes.

They were for my wife. Damn!

Then he came back! And brought a box for me. Inside the box there was some flavorless edible packing peanuts (they dissolved amazingly quickly in your mouth) protecting a Silent Paint Remover.

This thing rocks!

I live in an 82-year-old house, which means it's seen 82-years worth of styles come and go. That's a lot of paint. Our shoe molding is all rounded over due to the many layers of lead, latex and who knows what else.

Point it at the shoe molding for 60 seconds and then give a good scrape. Truly amazing.

While the heating device itself is silent, the squeals coming from the scraper as 82 years of sea-foam green, buttermilk, white and teal come peeling off the wall are reminiscent of dragging a pair of cats across a chalkboard.

From reading online, the amazingness of the product made me suspect there was a high probability it could be a RonCo-esque product and a waste of money. Though, it probably can be used to cook a turkey nicely.

But then I found this guy, who explained the science and even provided a how-to about making one for yourself. I promptly set out to find the required space-heater of the appropriate type.

I quickly learned that asking the Helpful Friendly People at Lowe's and Home Depot for space-heaters while you are wearing shorts and a t-shirt is a fantastic way to survey how different people express "what kind of nut are you?" with only their eyebrows.

Apparently space-heaters are a seasonal item, and April isn't the season for them.

Due to the lack of parts to build my own, I punted and just bought the pre-made version. Tonight, with minimal effort, I stripped 8' of base boards in about a half hour. Without any chemical burns or heavy metal poisoning.

I'd consider that a success.