A More Pronouncable Maven Corp

19 April 2007

business java maven opensource

Today, my Canadian friend Jason van Zyl announced his new company based around all things maven.

Jason, as you may know, is the founder of both Maven and the first maven-centric company, Mergere. For some history, Mergere was a child of Simula Labs. Simula started life as a VC-ish incubator, but now seems to be some sort of opensource delivery plumbing, particularly after selling LogicBlaze off to IONA last week.

After his stint in LA, Jason returned to his Canadian motherland and enjoyed a brief respite before launching Sonatype today.


He says he's happy to have Sonatype be classified as a training company, but ultimately he's building out a vast partners network to help make maven pervasive. While they are working on projects with some top-shelf clients, they generally prefer to find partners to provide professional services.

I think this open attitude and approach towards other commercial interests within the maven project ecosystem is absolutely correct. Jason is ultimately the outbreak monkey for maven, and how he deals with his community will make or break any commercial effort. As the entire market for maven-related stuff grows, it will require many players to thrive, not just a single dominant controlling organization. I think Sonatype is heading down the right path by becoming a natural commercial nexus instead of attempting to become a 10,000 lbs gorilla.

Disclosure: Jason's a good friend and co-founder of the Codehaus, so I'm not unbiased.