Launch at Lunch

24 April 2007

community java jbossorg opensource

While you sit down to enjoy that turkey or tofurkey sandwich at your desk, perhaps you could surf over to JBoss.ORG and marvel at the new design, organization and layout.

The team that pulled this together includes Adam Warski, Tomek Szymanski, Rysiek Kozmik, Przemek Dej, Pawel Wrzeszcz, Mark Newton, James Cobb and Meriah Garrett. Assists from the guys on the Portal team, including the estimable Julien Viet. Last minute assists from Eric Brown and Tom Benninger were also crucial. The whole process was kicked off by my predecessor Damon Sicore. Picture 2.png

The guys in Poland developed their fingers down to nubs, particularly crunching out much-needed code towards the end (releases never go smoothly, of course). Mark created the voice and narrative that guides you through the site. James worried over every image, border, font, pixel-perfect placement and navigation flow late into many nights. Plus, an appropriate amount of snark was tossed around with aplomb.

I'm extremely proud of the team for pulling it all together and getting it out the door.

But the journey is not over. Not at all.

While this may seem like a big-bang release, it is actually the start of an iterative phase with shorter release cycles to promote continuous improvement.

With this personality adjustment also comes the freer hand provided by the new enterprise product vs community product strategy. The commercial side of the house will cherry-pick and refine versions from the "pure" opensource community releases of the projects. We'll keep adding features and functionality, mashing up fun web2.0 things, and generally making JBoss.ORG a robust community for opensource projects.

The future starts now.