Yard Blog

23 July 2007

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Rebecca and I have a habit of standing around, talking about all the things we could do to our house.

Some of our talk has centered around the ugly "patio" of poorly-laid bricks and easy-to-trip-over landscaping timbers.

removal.jpg spike.jpg This morning it was a brisk 65 degrees, perfect for some manual labor, so up came the patio.

Thankfully the people who laid these bricks previously had indulged in quite a bit of sand, so I only need to screen it before laying everything back down, hopefully better than it was before.

One of the best tools ever is a 6-foot-long tempered steel spike with a cutting edge. Great for removing stumps or prying up landscaping timbers.


I've also found that I enjoy yardwork as a nice form of exercise, instead of doing something pointless, like lifting a weight 50 times, or walking around in a large circle.