Free Energy

04 August 2007

asheville environment history yard

coal.jpgWhile doing some work around my house, I found our old coal chute, which had been boarded over and backfilled with coal.

I now have a barrow full of coal.

How does one dispose of a barrow full of coal? Google only leads me to methods and facilities for recycling coal ash. Converting coal into coal ash does not sound like a lot of fun or very environmentally responsible.

I even wrote to the Coal Education Development and Resource folks, thinking they'd know what to do with coal. They have pictures of trees on their website, so surely they can tell me how to legally and environmentally-responsibly dispose of my fossil fuel.

They have thus far not responded. Thanks guys.

My friend Lance did pick up a chunk and marvel how 100 years ago, everyone knew what coal looked like. He took a nugget home to show his kids.

Checking eBay, the closest thing I can find is a guy selling miniature imitation coal for people building scale model railroads.

Suggestions given so far have indeed included "Christmas presents for the next 40 years" so I don't need that one again. Plus, there's the issue of storage. I'd like to use my barrow for other things.

Free bag of coal to whoever gives me the best suggestion for removing the coal from my life.