Microsoft DDoS'd Skype?

20 August 2007

broken disaster technology

Does causing a bajillion machines to reboot constitute a DDoS attack?

The reason behind Skype's downtime this week looks somewhat like this image of a malicious DDoS attack, no?

ddos_attack.gifAttacker: Microsoft

Handlers: Windows Upgrade Servers

Zombies: Windows users!

Victim: Skype

Just sayin'.

72 Business Hours

15 August 2007

broken customer-service

I just unsubscribed from a pushy seed company's daily email newsletter.


Really? 72 business hours? There are 8 business hours a day, 40 in a week (good thing they aren't French). That could take up to 9 business days, which is a minimum of 11 calendar days.

Could be as many as 13, if you catch two weekends upside the head. Sweet.

Now that's service.