Ignorance of Crowds

19 March 2007

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This weekend, the wife suggested we go as a family to see the movie Bridge to Terabithia .

I'd never heard of it, so I googled using the searchbox in Firefox. I wasn't thinking very clearly, and just typed "road to ter" and up popped some suggestions:

Picture 9.png

Of course, the movie is named Bridge to Terabithia, not Road to Terabithia.

Enough folks have gotten this wrong that Google has decided to suggest leading me down the wrong path. If I actually pick one of the suggestions, perhaps I'll be encouraging Google to lead others astray. Plus, Google has provided positive reinforcement towards me thinking the movie is actually named Road to Terabithia, ensuring that my own ignorance is further cemented.

Thanks Google!

Of course, I spent 98% of the movie wondering why it wasn't called The Rope-swing to Terabithia.


20 January 2007

economics google north-carolina

LenoirGoogle decided to plonk down a $600 million dollar data-center in Lenoir, North Carolina.

You know Lenoir, it's right north of Hickory. Oh, you don't know Lenoir? It's been in the news lately, mostly with folks whinging about how Google, with its billions of dollars in market capitalization, is getting a pretty sweet tax break.

But Lenoir was bidding on this facility, in competition with other municipalities, and apparently thought $100 million in tax breaks would be a small price to pay. The upshot is that Google will bring 200 new direct jobs, plus untold number of indirect jobs, to the area. The average salary in Lenoir is $16,000. The average Google salary will be closer to $40,000. And these folks will be spending their wealth in the community. As will the workers who build and maintain the facility. Lenoir only has 17,000 people.

While Google may have been trying to decide simply the best place to drop a data-center, they were ultimately selling prosperity to the highest bidder. Lenoir won.

Good for Lenoir!

Google Refinement

06 October 2006

google technology tools

Picture 42.png New feature?

Update: No, not a new feature. A quick googling resulted in at least a sighting back in April. This seems to be a feature specific to medical terms.