Pimp my Matrix

14 January 2008

cars gps

Got a Garmin GPS? Got a Toyota Matrix?

Apparently the two companies have stealthily conspired to make their products snap-in compatible.

While driving to-and-fro between Asheville and Raleigh, I got tired of having to pick up the GPS from the passenger seat to marvel at my progress. On a whim, I decided to see if it'd prop inside one of the round holes in the instrument cluster. What do you know, but it fits perfectly. The radius of the curved edges on the GPS exactly match the radius of the tachometer well. And the rubber grippy bits on the Garmin make certain it stays where you put it.

It's an automatic, so it's not like I need to see the tachometer anyhow.

And yes, the photo was indeed taken while barreling down I-40 at 70mph.