Reminder: GSoc && JBoss

31 March 2008

gsoc java jboss jbossorg

Today is the day to make sure you've filed your GSoC application if you're a student hoping to participate in this year's Google Summer of Code.

We've got our ideas page up still, or feel free to invent some great project of your own related to JBoss. We're open to new ideas.

Google Summer of Code and JBoss

19 March 2008

gsoc java jboss jbossorg

Google selected the combined group as a mentoring organization for the Google Summer of Code 2008.

The JBoss guys have started gathering project ideas. If you're hoping to participate in the GSoC, take a look, and maybe you'll see something that'll inspire you.

If you're a student, the GSoC is a great way to spend your summer and get some bonafide open-source work under your belt. While being paid. Plus, you'll get to work with top-shelf Java developers like Manik Surtani, Ales Justin and Tim Fox, amongst others.

So, get thinking about your projects, because the student application window is about to open.