JBoss World, Day 0

13 February 2008

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Started today in Georgia, I think, as I was still en route to Orlando. Arrived around 4am.

Awoke and joined the JBoss Developer's Conference (the conference for JBoss developers, before JBoss World) this morning. Met the normal assortment of JBoss guys you'd expect to find at such a gathering. In addition to the developers, there were some non-developers present. This included Patrick MacDonald discussing our approach to the build and release process, and Andrig Miller addressing the differences between community and enterprise versions.

JBoss World itself cranks up at noon on Wednesday, and should prove to be exciting.

To help organize your attendance, you can subscribe to the agenda iCal we've put together. I suggest subscribing to it, instead of importing it, so that you can pick up any changes we make during the course of the conference. Go ahead and sync it to your Blackberry, or iPhone, or Android handset.

And don't forget the Hackathon on Wednesday night. I know it conflicts with the BoFs, but the Hackathon runs until "late" and we'll welcome stragglers.

Update: Max Andersen asked for the actual root gCal. Here it is.