Mustache? Oui!

28 November 2007

art events health meme movember

As Movember winds down, I decided to trim my Douglas Coupland/Generation X/Singles goatee into something with more character. Like last year.

I'm sporting either a French or John Waters mo' now. I'm pretty sure this isn't my wife's favorite look. But, my body, my choice.

And yes, the mustache itself forces me to make that face. I think it may be sentient or at least possesses occult powers.

Mos before Foes

08 November 2007

events health meme movember

Every year there is a time that men can put aside their differences, stop their fighting, and do some good.

This important time of year is Movember.

Grow a mustache and help raise awareness for men's health issues.

Last year, I cheated, by simply shaving down an existing beard into a mustache. This year, I started clean-shaven (a day late, even). So far, I'm just stubbly, but will probably shave this weekend to reveal the mustache within.

Have fun with facial hair!