Codehaus Oof Uncamp San Francisco

12 September 2006

codehaus jboss opensource web-20

It has been decided that tonight, 12 September, the Codehaus Oof Uncamp will happen at Zeitgeist, in San Francisco. It's cash-only, so bring some Benjamins. I'll buy the first round or two.

Update: 7pm is the time to collide.

Hey mon, Gone to OSCon

24 July 2006

codehaus events java opensource technology

Picture 12.png Well, I've managed to procure both travel and lodging for OSCon in Portland this week. I still don't actually have a conference pass, but what is life without challenges? If you're an exhibitor or just a friendly soul who has a spare pass or would like to sponsor me, email bob@ this domain.

I'm arriving around lunchtime on Wednesday, and departing at the break of day on Friday. I think I'm going to the Jive Software party. Henri Yandell has suggested a haus party on Wednesday night, but we'll see how things pan out. I can be SMS'd on my shoephone, which can be found on my contact page.