JBoss.org Podcast with Gavin King of Seam

18 September 2007

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Back at JavaOne, the team and I chased down Gavin and made him speak on Seam, Web Beans (JSR-299), Groovy, Grails, and two-wheeled forms of transportation.

We've also included a transcript, since both Gavin and Mark have those funny accents.

Tom Baeyens of jBPM

06 June 2007

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I've finished putting together the first podcast since I've joined JBoss.org. Mark Newton and James Cobb helped with this interview of Tom Baeyens, the project lead for jBPM. In it, Tom discusses some of the fundamentals of jBPM, including his ideas around the Process Virtual Machine (PVM).

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Implicit Podcasting

25 January 2007

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If you use WordPress and occasionally link to an mp3, you're creating an implicit podcast.

Ye Olde Timey Radio Poking around, I realized that iTunes would consume the RSS 2.0 feed from WordPress as a podcast, and load up the first mentioned mp3 in a given entry as the podcast. If you link to multiple mp3s, alas only the first is caught, at least by iTunes. It doesn't seem to want to play friendly with multiple enclosures per entry.

Or maybe I'm just doing it wrong.

So I now get random new music loaded onto my iPod by giving iTunes the RSS 2.0 feed from Music Sucks.

Funnily enough, even the founder of the site didn't know it was producing a podcast for him. I think it's key that the technology has gotten to the point where someone who blogs about music magically gets a podcast.

It just makes sense.