JBoss Innovation Awards

14 November 2007

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Once again, we'll announce winners of the Innovation Awards at JBoss World in February.

While there's other opportunities for the projects at JBoss to get the nod for their innovation, the Innovation Awards are a chance for you, the users of JBoss projects, to get some glory. That glory includes a free pass to the conference, a VIP dinner, and some special attention during the conference.

What's interesting about what you're doing? There's 8 different categories, surely you fit into at least one.

  1. Joint Red Hat/JBoss Deployment: Everyone deploys their Java stuff on Linux. If that's JBossAS and RHEL for you, you're ready to rock.
  2. SOA Implementation: Are you using JBossESB, Drools, JBoss WebServices, jBPM?
  3. Increased ROI: Ask your CIO/CFO.
  4. Ecosystem: The whole ecosystem around Seam/JSF could be ripe for an award here.
  5. Emerging Technologies: Have you been doing Seam with Groovy?
  6. Migration: Have you ditched your app-server from one of the Other Guys lately?
  7. Business Process Automation: Did you implement jBPM or Drools?
  8. User Experience: Did you produce a slick UI using Portal, RichFaces and AJAX?

The Innovation Awards are a chance to highlight the good work your team has been doing. You've got until the end of the month to send us your story using the simple form at the bottom of this page.

Hat full of Java

08 November 2007

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Red Hat and Sun recently signed some agreements around open-source Java projects and access to the Java TCK. This all goes towards the OpenJDK, and ultimately, having an open and officially recognized JDK on Fedora.

Contrast that to Apple, who some people think is pulling back and away from Java.

For more information about these agreements, see this interview with Sacha Labourey. He explains the expected impact and benefits of these arrangements.