Codehaus Basement

14 July 2006

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Picture 3.png I'm quite pleased to announce that the efforts of Dan Diephouse to get the Codehaus turned into a wheaties.jpgbonafide non-profit organisation has produced results. Now we are just awaiting certification from the IRS for our tax-exempt status. Paul Brown is our Director of Altruism, and will be coordinating our fund-raising activities. As always, I'm just the smiling face on the front of the cereal box.

Publishing 2.0?

11 July 2006

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Today I had the good fortune to shoot the breeze with Mike Loukides at O'Reilly. He's working on a new model at O'Reilly, doing less expensive, smaller, and more up-to-date PDF publishing. I think this is an excellent idea. The 37signals guys have certainly done well with their PDF publishing, and you simply can't argue about the cost reduction. Similar to how with web 2.0 someone can quickly and cheaply produce a new thing, reducing the risk of the effort, a publishing 2.0 model likewise can harness the, um, long tail (man, I feel dirty just saying it).

So, if you've got the price of a pair of lattes, and the need for some information you probably won't find in a dead-tree book, surf on over to O'Reilly's new PDF library and take a gander.

Of course, I still print stuff out so I can read it while lounging where-ever I care to lounge.


11 July 2006

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Picture 49.pngI've recently started using iTunes on the G5 hooked to the speakers, instead of the iPod connected to them. Today I realized that I hadn't been listening to anything at all, because iTunes simply never made it to the front of my stack of windows. With the physical iPod situated in front of me, I'm more apt to pick something to listen to.

Digital isn't always better. Sometimes a big-ass knob on a distinct device is functionally better than a whizzy-bang brushed metal UI without a dedicated knob.

Yes, I know the iPod doesn't have a knob. It has an iKnob (aka, the clickwheel with the nipple in the middle). But it's knobesque nonetheless. And the screen is always visible. No repeated command-tab to find it. It's just right there. On the desk.

Sanity, Slight Return

26 May 2006

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Picture 6.png Through the kick-ass efforts of Ben Walding (pictured left with his, um, jaffles iron...) and major assists by Contegix, sanity has started to return to the haus. All repositories are capable of being open for business, pending the project despots decision. So, if CVS/Subversion is missing, go bug the project lead.

We've got all project mail flowing again, with a new web-based management piece for subscribing and unsubscribing. While the downtime sucked more than most things can suck, we're coming back with better tooling and infrastructure. This is mostly the result of not being willing to reconfigure all of our projects by hand. So we've scripted the heck out of things.

newhaus.pngWe're still working on personal and project webspace. Previous sites should be up, except those using plain HTML. Any Confluence-backed site is good to go. All projects are currently restricted from producing new distributions on, but we're quickly working towards a solution for that. Pretty soon the front page will return to its normally scheduled programming.

Plus, we've got a new logo. Everything goes better with a new logo.

Menu Bling

20 May 2006

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How much have you got? (Click to enlarge) Picture 4.png

Codehaus Update

19 May 2006

codehaus disaster java technology

After fighting with backups (check your backups, kids!), we've started getting the haus back online. Subversion repositories are back, read-only over HTTP at, the various distribution repos are back, such as We did lose some commits in the SVN, and some deployments may be missing from dist. Now's the time to sanity-check.

We're continuing to work to get CVS, mail, and read/write access to Subversion back as soon as possible.

We truly appreciate all of the efforts to help, and your patience has been outstanding. We realize how painful downtime is.

Honeymoon in Vegas

10 May 2006

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Picture 15.png Shortly after the marriage of JBoss and RedHat, the JBossWorld conference will be happening in Las Vegas. Rebecca and I will be flying out there to hang out with Michael Neale and Mark Proctor of the Drools project. If you find yourself in Vegas around mid-June, look me up and we'll have a beer.

Geek pr0n

08 May 2006


Picture 10.png This weekend I acquired a new toy. Those of you who follow my Flickr might've noticed slightly less fuzzy photos streaming in. This is actually the first Windows machine I've purchased for myself. Previously I had tried a Zaurus, but it quickly became a paperweight, due to its size and lack of phone capabilities.

The Cingular 8125, though, has Bluetooth, wifi, GPRS/EDGE and voice talents, all in a package ultimately not much larger than the Nokia 6620 it replaces. Though, it's certainly no RAZR, and has quite a bit of heft to it. Being that I'm Gigantor-sized, it fits quite well in my pocket. The keyboard is quite usable for my big honkin' thumbs, even.

Along with the device, I signed up for Cingular's PDA plan, so I can use the GPRS/EDGE connection all willy-nilly unlimitedly. My Sunday was spent playing with Procmail recipes trying to filter and route the appropriate set of emails to the pocket machine.

Ode to Contegix

05 May 2006

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contegix.jpg I'd realized that my last blog praising the guys at Contegix existed only on my now-nuked old Typo-powered blog. And these guys rock so much that I wanted to make sure I had some praise for them still existing on the interwebs. So, to reiterate, Contegix kicks ass. As a managed-hosting provider, there is nothing more I could ask for.

It's 3am, and you decide you want a web-stats package installed on your server? By 3:15am, it's completed. It's always business hours at Contegix, and I can't remember the last time any request too more than 15 minutes from my initial email to having it completed. I'm a customer 3-times-over with Contegix, between the Codehaus, Radar Networks, and my own personal machinations. One day I'll make it to St. Louis to have beers with Matthew, Craig, Joe, Tony and the other folks there who keep my servers alive and sane.

The 5% Nation of Wal-Mart

02 May 2006

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Picture 7.png Today, a friend of mine asked me write an endorsement for him on LinkedIn. I hadn't been to LinkedIn in a while, so surfed around for a tad, and noticed a new feature. LinkedIn lets you know the localities of your network. As you can see here, I've got links to the Pillippines, Korea, and, um, Fayetteville, Arkansas.

Yes, that's Arkansas. Turns out that Wal-Mart is has the same influence (or more?) as some small countries.