Evil Plan is Working!

02 May 2006

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I'm not doing tech supportMy hero, George PeppardA year or two ago, in response to one of my mother-in-law's Windows questions, I gave her an iBook. Since then, I've been training my wife to know everything there is to know about consumer usage of a Mac. Now my father-in-law has retired, and I steered him towards a MacBook Pro.

My evil plan came together tonight as I sat idly on the couch flipping through an eWeek, while my wife gave tech-support to her father. I love it when a plan comes together.

(The photo on the right is George Peppard, who played Hannibal Smith on the A-Team)

Keepin' it Real

01 May 2006

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37signals Today, being a lazy Sunday, I surfed over to 37Signals and picked up a copy of Getting Real. I know I'm a few weeks late on this meme, but I truly enjoyed the book.

On the surface, after reading 177 pages, you could easily think that there was nothing concretely useful in the book. You could, but that'd be silly. The whole book enforces a different attitude. It's about agility, not only in development or management, but in the vision of the product you're producing. The best quote, I think is

Stick to what’s truly essential. Good ideas can be tabled. Take whatever you think your product should be and cut it in half. Pare features down until you’re left with only the most essential ones. Then do it again.

Ultimately, stop thinking about producing, and simply go produce. As my dad says, "the enemy of 'good' is 'better.'" The essence of your product is probably good (or you can hope). Alas, the desire to make it better can work against you, creating feature overload, delayed schedules, and a lack of focus in the vision. Get on with it already.

It's Extreme!

25 April 2006


Picture 2.pngWhile my DSL does not have the most amazing uptime statistics, it certainly is doing okay today in the speed department. And I'm even using it to download legal stuff, like kernel source trees. When it works, I have to say that the Bellsouth DSL Extreme is quite handy.

Miss a Weekend, Miss a lot

18 April 2006

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Picture 5.png

I really need server-side spam nuking... 3 days offline, 1414 new messages, 98% of which are spam.

Beautiful People

17 April 2006


Photo 24.jpgThis weekend, I purchased a wacky cool MacBook Pro for my wife. The included PhotoBooth tool seems pretty useless, if not entertaining. For example, even I can have a strong chin and wonderful hair. Of course, it sucks that my non-geek wife now has a better machine than I do.

I Bought Too Soon!

31 March 2006


I've been working within the dark recesses of rackmount hardware lately. The bunker doesn't have the best lighting, and I figured I wasn't doing anything else with my forehead, so it'd be a perfect place to strap on a light. Of course, not a week after I make my investment in head-mounted lighting, I stumble across the I-Sight.

It seems to always be the case that right after you make a purchase, something better comes along. Yay capitalism, I guess. Now, if only someone would merge the I-Sight with a Jabra, and perhaps mix in some wireless audio from my iPod, I'd be set.