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01 June 2007

culture music trivia

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This evening, sitting around with my wife and our friend Jeff, he mentioned seeing a crapload of emo kids outside a local music venue. I immediately asked what an emo kid looked like. My wife suggested the kids from The OC. Jeff described what sounded to me like followers of The Cure.

Luckily, Wikipedia's there to save the day. Then I realized that I'm old, and I don't understand and can't even identify this whole sub-culture of music. I do like Death Cab, but otherwise, I'm ignorant of it all. Wikipedia at least lets me feign knowledge of current popular culture.

It turns out that emo kids seem to be a mix of Robert Smith-alikes with a little punk thrown in, I guess.

At least I get to see Les Claypool next week.


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17 December 2006

culture sharing trivia

trivia.jpgI was tagged by Paul.

  1. I love bluegrass music
  2. I think SoBe No Fear energy drink tastes like grapefruit. It contains no grapefruit.
  3. I can't stand wikis
  4. I have a fixation about female Australian pop stars, except Kylie Minogue. I'm not totally insane. She sucks.
  5. I had 11 toes for a short while. Corrected by surgery. I don't miss it.

I tag Michael, Mark, Pete, Kurt, and Lance.