Well, which is it?

14 January 2008

java jira maven usability

I've been working on compiling JIRA plugins lately, with maven-2.

And I see this go scrolling by:

[WARNING] *** CHECKSUM FAILED - Error retrieving checksum file for webwork/jars/webwork-30Apr07-jiratld.jar - IGNORING

In that single line, I get confused, as there are 4 hot words right there.

  1. WARNING: Hey, something bad happened, but it's not super bad.
  2. FAILED: Well, crap, it just plain did not work.
  3. ERROR: Yep, it still didn't work, and that's a bad bad thing.
  4. IGNORING: But apparently I shouldn't care too much, because maven surely isn't giving it much thought anymore.

Should I take corrective action? Is there anything I can do? I got all hyped up about being warned of the error of failing, only to be told it's no big deal.

Of course, I had to babysit the first build like a crack-baby delivered in the 2nd trimester. Maven attempts to download the world from Atlassian's repository which likes to take a nap after downloading a dozen .pom files. I'd have to go Control-C all over it, and start over, to get a running start at the next dozen .poms. Fun!

Which looks right?

06 July 2007

tools usability web-20

Was signing up to try Remember The Milk, and thought the way they figure out your date-formatting preference was pretty smooth.

Picture 6.png

Well, that's pretty darn simple.