Open positions at JBoss

24 April 2008

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Francois, the guy who leads up the support group for JBoss, let us know that his excellent team is expanding even further. If you've got the chops to support customers, write tutorials, and maybe even fix some bugs, JBoss is looking for you.

Two different jobs are available.

There's the SEG position:

Our JBoss Expertise Team consists of J2EE/JEE architects who deliver Developer-to-Developer Assistance as well as Production Technical Support. This team is the connection point between Customers and R&D. As such, you will be in contact with our customers' top developers and architects. You will also assist our front line Support Engineers when dealing with complex issues. Last but not least, your daily contacts with our R&D team will allow you to work with some of the best J2EE/JEE developers in the world. You will also be expected to prepare sample code and write technical tutorials. Therefore, excellent Java coding skills are required. In addition to writing original code, the position requires the ability to read and understand JBoss middleware code. You should also be able to fix bugs and submit features to the JBoss code base if time and interest allow.

And the Senior TSE position:

You will experience every day how we do support differently, by working hand-in-hand with our team of Middleware Support Experts as well as with R&D and Engineering. This day-to-day cooperation will offer a great opportunity to learn beyond regular training. Primary responsibilities will include providing Production Technical Support as well as Developer-to-Developer Assistance for the JBoss and MetaMatrix products. This position offers the opportunity to support enterprise Java applications delivering middleware solutions to customers of all sizes. It is a very fast paced position offering nearly endless learning and growth opportunities.

If this sounds like a good opportunity for you, head over to the Red Hat careers page. This is a chance to see many of the JBoss enterprise middleware projects used by a variety of customers in a stunning array of configurations and deployments.

Note: The careers page does not yet have a listing for these openings. They should be posted by Monday, so that gives you time to brush up your resume and make it sparkle.